Red Sox need to promote Ron Roenicke in order to stabilize organization

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 19: Ron Roenicke #30 of the Boston Red Sox poses for a portrait during Boston Red Sox Photo Day at JetBlue Park at Fenway South on February 19, 2019 in Fort Myers, Florida. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 19: Ron Roenicke #30 of the Boston Red Sox poses for a portrait during Boston Red Sox Photo Day at JetBlue Park at Fenway South on February 19, 2019 in Fort Myers, Florida. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The Boston Red Sox are in need of a manager that can stabilize the organization. Luckily, that man is already on the payroll and has plenty of experience.

We’re getting closer and closer to the pre-season and the Red Sox find themselves without a captain at the helm of the ship. With Alex Cora and Boston mutually parting ways, the team needs someone that can lead them back to the promised land. Luckily for the club, they have that man already in house and ready to go.

Ron Roenicke served as bench coach under Cora and is now the heavy favorite to take over the throne. With eight years as a player, five as a manager, and several more in other coaching roles, he’s more than qualified to take the job. Being an internal candidate gives him some leverage in the interview process but it can also hurt him in the same breath. He was asked about what the future may hold and gave some candid responses.

While he denies having any knowledge or involvement with the allegations surround the 2018 Red Sox, he was still on the coaching staff. It won’t matter what the investigation by the MLB turns up or how much he denies it, in the mind of some fans there will forever be a blemish on that season. However, hiring from the outside may do more damage than good with this talented roster.

It was reported today that the Astros were close to naming veteran manager Dusty Baker as their new skipper. Though Baker is well decorated and has a wealth of experience, his management style is the antithesis to what Houston has created over the last few years. Dusty is an old school baseball guy and now that he’s the big man in the clubhouse, we may see the days of analytics coming to an end at Minute Maid Park.

I understand what Jim Crane may be thinking with the hiring of Baker as his Baseball-Reference page is full of accolades and strong performances. He may also be sending a message to the players by bringing in a no-nonsense manager that the inmates will no longer be running the asylum.

Will the Red Sox follow suit with their AL West counterparts? It’s hard to say as FSG has proven to be a riddle, wrapped in a puzzle, inside an enigma.

Roenicke knows that he has a strong chance to be the next in line to manage the Red Sox but isn’t counting his chickens before they hatch. If Boston does go the external route there’s the chance that the new manager will clean house and bring in his own staff. This isn’t lost on Roenicke either as he’s been around the block more than enough times to know the business.

"“I don’t think any of the coaches feel that way. At least we all feel like we’re going to be back,” Roenicke said. “I know things, I guess, could change. But we all feel like we’re going to be back. We’re preparing to try to get through this and have a good season. So there’s a lot of stuff that could happen. We certainly can’t control any of that. We’re just trying to go about what we usually do at this time of year in preparing.”"

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In my opinion, it would be in Boston’s best interest to keep the coaching staff and promote Roenicke to the manager role. He has experience at the big league level and as familiar with this team and how they best operate. It’ll be interesting to see how the Houston lineup performs with a different management style in the clubhouse, I’m not sure FSG will want to rock the boat that much.

If they choose to go the Roenicke route then they can retain the rest of the coaching staff and fill in the voids where need be. It’s already going to be enough of a shock for the team heading into spring training without Cora, there’s no reason to add any more turmoil to an already tense situation. By staying internal they can keep some of the energy and most importantly keep the message Cora instilled in the team of family.

As happy as he is in his current position there’s something about being the manager that has to call to a former skipper. The desire to once again lead the team and organization into baseball battle is a position many covet in the business. Whether he returns in his current role with the Red Sox or gets the call to run the team, Roenicke is ready for the challenge.

"“I’m always content in the role,” Roenicke said. “Coaching is a fun job. Managing is challenging. I enjoy it. I love the challenge of it. I wasn’t really thinking about it too much. But my phone was lit up every day from my friends or whoever saying this was a possibility.”"

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It’s no secret that the Red Sox are in the thick of it right now and ownership isn’t doing much in the way of reassuring fans things are ok. If they were to name Ron Roenicke as the next manager of the team that may do some service to the Fenway Faithful in making things right. He may not be the flashiest name fans want at the helm but he’s the best man for the job and has more than earned his chance.