Red Sox Free Agency: Three former pitchers to sign for a discount

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BOSTON, MA – AUGUST 1: Chris Sale #41 of the Boston Red Sox exits the bullpen before the game between the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park on August 1, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

The Boston Red Sox need to add some firepower to their pitching squad while keeping the budget within reach of the CBT, so they need to go bargain hunting.

It’s a brand new year which means a brand new season is right around the corner. As the Red Sox inch closer to a new campaign and redemption for their 2019 misgivings, there’s still plenty of work to do.

The lineup is far from perfect even though they’ve hit the 40-man limit. With lots of pieces still in motion, the roster we see today could be much different by the time March rolls around.

One area that the front office needs to continue showing attention to is the pitching staff. The starting rotation is pretty set despite having a hole in the five spot and plenty of uncertainty surrounding the health of Chris Sale, David Price, and Nathan Eovaldi. Then there’s the always looming CBT and keeping the budget as close to that $208M line as possible.

Boston has more money than they know what to do with but the owners are deadset on stopping the financial bleeding. Bringing in Chaim Bloom was the first step in the monetary healing and he’s already showing what he’s capable of as far as smart spending is concerned.

If Bloom wants to put more arms in his arsenal he has a few choices from the organization’s past to achieve that. Re-signing any one of these pitchers could allow him to add more depth while saving money and then throw in the added benefit of bringing back someone familiar with the organization.

Alright, folks, we have the plan and the course is set, let’s suit up and head off to Free-Agent Island!