FanSided 250: Boston Red Sox were ranked too low in 2019

Where do the Boston Red Sox rank in this year’s FanSided 250? The answer will be a disappointment to this passionate fanbase.

So much can change in a year. One moment you’re riding high as part of the best fanbase in baseball, the next you find that interest in your team is plummetting. That’s the fate that appears to have befallen the Boston Red Sox.

The annual FanSided 250 has been released, ranking the most buzz-worthy, hottest fandoms of the year. These rankings are compiled through a combination of fan voting, search score and social media following. The list covers virtually anything you can be a fan of, including sports, entertainment, music, celebrities, and video games.

Last year, the Red Sox were the top-ranked MLB team and No. 3 overall on the heels of their World Series championship. A disappointing campaign in which they failed to reach the postseason has resulted in that ranking falling all the way to No. 92 overall this year.

The Red Sox are only the sixth-highest MLB team in this year’s rankings, trailing the St. Louis Cardinals (No. 73), Washington Nationals (No. 45), Houston Astros (No. 42), Chicago Cubs (No. 40), and New York Yankees (No. 14).

A World Series parade gave the Nats a well-earned boost. The rankings clearly favor teams that made the postseason, as four of the top-five MLB teams on this list were still playing in October. The lone exception is the Cubs, who missed the playoffs with an 84-win season that matched Boston’s record. Chicago was ranked No. 3 among MLB teams last year and No. 1 in 2017 so it’s not all that surprising that they remain in the mix.

The Red Sox weren’t as fortunate, falling much further despite a similar circumstance. Boston can take solace in the fact that they still finished above six other MLB teams that did make the postseason, so this ranking could have been worse.

It still remains shocking that the Red Sox couldn’t crack the top-five in baseball and barely made the top-100 overall. They certainly underachieved in 2019 but the Red Sox still have a star-studded roster supported by a passionate fanbase.

Boston sports teams have had their fair share of success lately but in a “what have you done for me lately” town, it’s easy to lose ground on the local competition. The Red Sox trail the Bruins (No. 88), Celtics (No. 76) and Patriots (No. 49) in this year’s rankings.

The Red Sox have several All-Stars who have emerged as fan-favorites yet that isn’t reflected in these rankings. Of the 34 sports figures who made the top-250, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (No. 236) and Mike Trout (No. 172) were the only MLB players. One is a highly-touted rookie and the other is the best baseball player on the planet. Fine, their inclusion is more than fair but where is 2018 MVP, Mookie Betts? There’s no love for breakout star Rafael Devers? You can’t tell me that Raffy Big Scoops doesn’t have a strong following with the fans!

The only athlete tied to a Boston-area team is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (No. 18). It would have been borderline-criminal to leave the GOAT off the list.

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This is a pivotal offseason for the Red Sox as they walk the fine line between balancing their budget and remaining in contention for the playoffs. Even after a down year, the passion of Red Sox Nation hasn’t faded and we’ll remain among the best fans in the world!

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