Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia should retire in 2019

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 09: Dustin Pedroia
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 09: Dustin Pedroia /

With the Red Sox searching for ways to cut salary, Dustin Pedroia can help assist with their problems, while making the team better.

Although this topic is rather closeted up and will be heavily debated, it’s time for the former AL MVP Dustin Pedroia to hang it up. With the nagging knee injury, it doesn’t look like he will ever play a full season for the Red Sox again.

He will not reach his form of excellence ever again. His injuries were proven to be too much to come back from last season. Instead of getting the required surgery when it was first recommended, he held off and it cost him big time. Thus, rendering him a shell of what he once was.

After a season spent dealing with injuries, it just appears that the one time Rookie of the Year may have seen his best days.

Last season, he played a total of three games, hitting 1-for-11 at the plate, but capitalizing on all 14 chances defensively. While he has always been known as a defensive wizard, nobody knows how his aging body will keep up with the demands of a 162 game season.

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He could be ready to start the season, but retiring during the All-Star break or sooner actually helps the team more than hitting another DL stint.

He is slated to make $15 million in 2019, and a total of $30 million for the next three seasons. An astronomical amount for a middle-aged infielder with bad knees. Not to mention, his offensive numbers correlate with that of Jose Iglesias, with the salary of Yasmani Grandal.

Although he may not be able to play, he would definitely find a role as an infield coach. He has one of the best defensive percentages in Red Sox history. He could help with the young guys such as Rafael Devers and Eduardo Nunez while continuing the growth of guys like Brock Holt, Xander Bogaerts, and Mitch Moreland.

Without a doubt in my mind, he will be a Hall of Famer, but if he continues to go back and forth with injuries and lack of great play, it only holds him back for all of the votes he should receive. It makes the case filled with more inconsistencies and doubt.

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He has shown exceptional leadership skills, which should be a no-brainer to add to Alex Cora’s coaching staff. Dustin has been the heart of the Red Sox for over a decade, but it may be time to move on.