Red Sox vs Yankees: Experts leaning toward Boston in ALDS

BOSTON, MA - JULY 16: David Price
BOSTON, MA - JULY 16: David Price /

Prior to the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004 lots of people picked the Yankees over Boston in a playoff series. Now fourteen years later the tide has turned and people are starting to pick Boston over New York.

The New York Yankee fans chanting “we want Boston” Wednesday night at Yankee Stadium after they beat the Oakland Athletics in the  AL Wild-Card game is something we have never seen. The Yankees have always been on top and the Boston Red Sox were always the team going to New York. Now the tide has turned to make New York go to Boston for the ALDS.

It’s been fourteen years since the Red Sox played the Yankees in the playoffs. When the Yankees got Giancarlo Stanton and the Sox got J.D. Martinez, many people were saying the rivalry was renewed. The rivalry isn’t as heated as it was in 2003-2004 because Red Sox have won three World Series since then and the Yankees haven’t won a World Series since 2009. However, it will still be good for baseball, in general, to see the Red Sox and Yankees in a playoff matchup.

Back when the Red Sox didn’t win and they were playing the Yankees in the playoffs, all the experts picked New York. The Yankees just always had home field, a stacked team, and a great manager in Joe Torre.

Even in 2004 when really both teams were evenly matched, the Red Sox had two great power hitters in Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz who could maybe get them over that Yankee hump. After that complete meltdown by Mariano Rivera in games four and five of the ALCS in ’04, plus some clutch hitting by Ortiz, the Sox won the series. History was made that season and lots of people I’m sure lost lots of money betting against Boston.

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Now fast forward fourteen years later. The Red Sox have the best record in baseball, and home field throughout the playoffs. The Yankees also have a good team and also some great power hitters.  Now that the Red Sox have won the people at CBS Sports seem to be leaning towards Boston to win the series.

Out of six people that picked the series, four of them picked the Red Sox to win, while only two picked New York. None, however, picked a sweep.

In my opinion, prior to 2004, you would never see six people predict a playoff series against New York and four out of the six picks the Red Sox. That is how much time as changed and Boston has taken over as the leaders in the AL East.

I think home field plays a big part in this series. As we saw last night in New York, for the first time in awhile Yankee Stadium became a loud madhouse with the crowd. It’s a tough place to play in the postseason.

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I have the Red Sox winning in five games. I don’t think it will be a sweep because one of how loud it’s going to be in games three and four in New York. Second, the Yankees play much better at home.  The Sox, however, will take advantage of the home field with their offense like they have all season and win game five.