Red Sox: R.I.P. ‘Win, Dance, Repeat’ celebration?

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 08: Andrew Benintendi
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 08: Andrew Benintendi /

The Red Sox outfielders may have change in order.

There are a few changes in store for the Boston Red Sox in 2018. One of them may include how the Red Sox react to victories.

The famous “Win, Dance, Repeat” celebration that the Red Sox outfielders do following every victory may be put to rest.

During the final spring training game for the Red Sox, Mookie Betts hinted at the possibility of he, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Andrew Benintendi ending the celebration tradition for 2018. The decision is expected to be finalized this Thursday on Opening Day, as the Red Sox take on the Tampa Rays.

Betts left ESPN with mixed signals:

"“Debating it. We don’t know yet,” Mookie Betts said Tuesday, after the matter came up on the telecast of the team’s final exhibition game before Thursday’s Opening Day. “We don’t know if we’re gonna do it. Then if we do it, we have to just figure out what we’re going to do, so. That’s the debate or talk that’s going on.”"

NBC Boston’s Evan Drellich notes Betts is aware of how popular the celebration is among the fans, and how it stayed fresh throughout previous seasons.

"Betts acknowledged that most fans seemed to like the dance. He said too that a choice was coming by Opening Day.The other primary participants in the dance were mum. The actual dance moves varied, but always featured one primary outfielder’s dance while the other two dropped to a knee and pretended to crank an old-fashioned camera."

Benintendi also shared his thoughts on the subject but admitted the decision wasn’t up to him.

"“It’s up in the air,” Andrew Benintendi said. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m low on the totem pole, so. Not my call. We’ll see. Jackie would know better than me.”"

Bradley also chimed in, but didn’t show his hand with his response.

"“We’re gonna all find out at the same time,” Bradley said. “Time will tell.”"

The “Win, Dance, Repeat” marketable celebration was adored by many, loathed by some — especially opposing teams. While one could argue the celebration was a fun way to celebrate victories, it certainly looked silly when players weren’t enjoying losing streaks. Even after breaking a losing streak, dancing in the outfield felt indifferent.

Should Red Sox players really be dancing around just because they’ve avoided a sweep? Or won three out of their last nine?

Not to mention, the routine didn’t look quite as cute once the playoffs hit, and the Red Sox were getting their brains beaten in.

There’s been heavy criticism for most players on the team, and nearly every player under performed last year with the exception of a few. The “Win, Dance, Repeat” celebration grew old to some of the disapproving Red Sox fans.

The Red Sox want to win and have fun while doing so this season, but one might wonder if this potential elimination of “Win, Dance, Repeat” routine is a sign of players maturing.

Betts, Bogaerts and Bradley have all been more vocal to the media in the offseason, indicating their ready for leadership roles.

Benintendi has change this appearance by cutting his long locks and bulking up in hopes of mashing more home runs.

Chris Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello and Hanley Ramirez are all locked in and ready to redeem last season’s inconsistencies.

In the process of taking accountability and responsibility for 2018, could the Sox find a new celebratory act following victories?

"“I have no idea what we’re going to do,” Betts said."

Maybe “Win, Dance, Repeat” will be axed for 2018, and Betts, Bradley and Benintendi will take a strictly-business approach to the season.

But it’s unlikely we’ve seen the last of the charismatic trio putting on a show for the cameras.