Red Sox Predictions: Yes/No possibilities for the 2018 season

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 08: Mookie Betts
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 08: Mookie Betts /

What will happen for the Boston Red Sox in 2018? Here is a brief preview of selected snippets and what to expect in this upcoming season.

What little tidbits will surface by the end of the season for the Boston Red Sox? The over/under, or in this instance, the yes or no as related to the players and team.

Much of this information is derived via my combination Ouija Board/Crystal ball. Consider the following like astrology – interesting to read but not to take seriously.

Will Porcello give up more home runs than J.D. Martinez will hit? (No).

Will the option for Hanley Ramirez kick in? (No)

Will Rafael Devers make more than 30 errors? (Yes)

Can Jackie Bradley hit .270? (No)

Can the Red Sox top 95 wins? (Yes)

Will the Red Sox extend Mookie Betts? (No)

Will Chris Sale exceed 300 strikeouts? (No)

Will Christian Vazquez catch 110+ games? (Yes)

Will you still have to sell a kidney to afford a ticket? (Yes)

Can the Red Sox win the season series against the Yankees? (No)

Will the Red Sox be last in the American League in home runs? (No)

Can Andrew Benintendi become a 30/30 player? (Yes)

Can Xander Bogaerts become an All-Star in 2018? (No)

Will John Farrell be missed? (No)

Will the Macarena replace Sweet Caroline? (No)

Can Dustin Pedroia start 120+ games? (Yes)

Can the Red Sox hit .280? (Yes)

Will the Red Sox hire Bernie Madoff to handle luxury tax issues? (No)

Will Drew Pomeranz win 15+ games? (No)

Can the Red Sox finally get through the first round of the playoffs? (Yes)

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Can David Price exceed 30 starts? (No)

Will Eduardo Nunez hit .300? (Yes)

Will Brock Holt be on the team all season? (No)

Will Martinez get 100 RBI? (Yes)

Will a Red Sox player win the AL MVP? (No)

Will Martinez hit more home runs than Giancarlo Stanton? (Yes)

Will the Red Sox lead the AL in pitching? (Yes)

Will the Red Sox play Liverpool in a soccer match? (No)

Will Mitch Moreland play more games than Ramirez? (Yes)

Will the Red Sox clubhouse be stable? (Yes)

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Can Craig Kimbrel lead the AL in saves? (No)

Will Ownership have a free parking day with a game ticket? (No)

Will Hector Velazquez make a positive impact? (Yes)

Will home attendance top 3,000,000? (No)