Boston Red Sox: The Spring Training prospect stocks ups-and-downs

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 01: Sam Travis /
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This spring training has featured plenty of prospects for the Boston Red Sox. Has March been kind to their stocks, or has it buried them?

BOSTON, MA – JUNE 04: Blake Swihart
BOSTON, MA – JUNE 04: Blake Swihart /

As we hit the middle of March, it’s that part of spring training when prospects start to leave the big league camp. With that in mind, it seems like a good time to consider which Boston Red Sox prospects have helped their stock this spring, and who’s hurt it.

Not everyone saw their stock jump or drop though. Some players did what was expected of them or brought something different to the table. Whatever they did though, it’s hard to say they changed their paths too much. Those players will get mentioned too.

At the same time, some players saw a spike or decline in their stock without even putting their performance into consideration. Roster moves and injuries come into play as well, and could hurt or help plenty of prospects. For the Red Sox, that’s definitely been the case so far this year, and it will reflect in the stocks.

Just a quick disclaimer. I’m only going to talk about prospects who threw more than one inning or recorded at least four plate appearances this spring. Therefore, top prospect Michael Chavis isn’t going to be featured.

Also, we’re only talking true prospects – that means someone like Blake Swihart isn’t getting mentioned either. That being said, I feel it’s clearly obvious that his stock has risen exponentially to this point.

That’s right, it’s time to play some “Mad Money”, Boston Red Sox edition.

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