Red Sox: Is Tzu-Wei Lin a 25-man roster possibility?

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 05: Tzu-Wei Lin /

The Boston Red Sox need bench depth but some of it will be sequestered at Pawtucket.  Will Tzu-Wei Lin be one? Lin will earn his shot somewhere.

When pigs fly. A snowball’s chance. The check is in the mail. Tzu-Wei Lin will be on the Boston Red Sox Opening Day roster.

Yes, I expect Tzu-Wei Lin to be sent to Pawtucket for more “seasoning,” which is a baseball euphemism for shuffling off a player for a myriad of reasons that may be talent, team need, and job openings. I will miss Lin.  I like Lin.

In my convoluted (and maybe yours) interpretation of “like” is a player who knows and understands his role in the grand scheme of the roster, is a tireless worker, stretches his ability, a brings a certain level of gritty talent that you can admire or in this instance “like.” That is how I see Lin.

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Lin burst onto the scene in 2017 and was somewhat of a surprise. His performance at Portland (AA) hitting .302 gave him his shot in Boston as a needed utility player.  A versatile player capable of playing seven positions with a skill level that will not bring embarrassment to the defensive unit. And I would not rule of catching and even pitching for the 24-year-old left-handed hitter.

Lin has limited power as his game revolves around his above-average speed and ability to do the baseball “little things” that may not be apparent in a box score. For Boston, Lin hit .268 in 25 games before being sent to Pawtucket where he hit only .227. Expect more when Lin eventually starts the season with the PawSox.

A roster spot for a reserve infielder became a notable sidebar of interest with the questionable early season return of Dustin Pedroia. An opportunity for Lin and Marco Hernandez. How rapidly the baseball Gods can put a damper on hope. Hernandez is gone for a bit more shoulder repair, but the causeway to the roster for Lin took a detour when Eduardo Nunez signed up.

Brock Holt also is around, and his résumé is more substantial than Lin’s. And then there is Deven Marrero who is now out of options.  Lin may be a slick defender, but Marrero is another notch or two above Lin in that capacity.

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Lin will wait or maybe he will catch a break. Injuries happen and Nunez and Pedroia will remain question marks. Trades happen, and Lin may get his shot elsewhere. Happened to Bryce Brentz and it could happen to Lin. And possibly Lin can earn his shot with a not to be denied spring where he will make his case offensively and defensively.