Time for Red Sox Nation to move on from J.D. Martinez

PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 04: J.D. Martinez
PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 04: J.D. Martinez /

Will the Boston Red Sox miss out on J.D. Martinez? After all the drama my hope is that Martinez signs elsewhere.

The original contract demands for client J.D. Martinez by agent Scott Boras fell somewhere between the outlandish and ridiculous. The contract was projected to be six-years and $150 MM and so far, the other projections have mostly had a downward spiral. Martinez sits and waits while the market continues to act like a fickle teenage girl with the crush Du Jour.

The Red Sox reportedly made Martinez an offer for five-years and $125 MM, but latest reports have that figure substantially lower. Martinez was in somewhat of a snit of frustration over a deteriorating market by his now well reported “fed up” comment that certainly alienated a very large segment of Red Sox Nation. On the sympathy scale, Martinez is now heading into minus territory usually reserved for the most miscreant of players or his own defensive metrics.

Meanwhile, the ongoing drama becomes an almost never-ending supply line for churning out articles on all things Martinez.  Do we need him?  Is he a petulant David Price type? Will he shut down when fans do what Boston fans do? And, of course, will he be the latest of a too long line of flops that the Red Sox have a penchant for signing? As the saying goes: “Enquiring minds want to know.”

I don’t care anymore, but if I don’t care why write about it? I like the outlet to express my public indignation at Martinez, the sense of monetary entitlement, agents who are provocateurs and owners/management who are compliant with the whole circus act.

I have qualms – if that is proper usage – over fat contracts.  Is there still fire in the belly knowing that millions will be paid even if you roll over and play dead? I still most ardently believe that Pablo Sandoval went through the motions in his planning road to redemption in Boston.  This is not football where a team can at least partly recoup money spent unwisely. But that is the results of an aggressive union and strong player unity. Good job, boys, well-played!

For me, this is my “Speakers’ Corner” where I can rail on and on, but the reality is I have lost interest in Martinez. I have come to the conclusion that Dear Abby often presented for a distraught advice seeker: “Are you better off with or without him?” At this point I say pass.  If it is a bat you need look elsewhere or wait for the next influx of the most desirable.

The Red Sox have a very good offense, but not a great one.  If you had a David Ortiz or Manny Ramirez in their prime as the centerpiece it would bounce into the excellent category. And for me, it still may. I may have some rather unfounded faith in this current collect but suspect they will be just fine with run production.

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Spring training has started, and the concentration should be on the team that is at hand and not that man of mystery looking for a number one followed by multiple zeros. I wish Martinez well in his employment ventures and ardently hope he is fiscally rewarded, but just not by Boston.