Red Sox announce 2018 featured giveaways at Fenway Park

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 09: Boston Red Sox fans cheer after a first inning solo home run by Xander Bogaerts
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 09: Boston Red Sox fans cheer after a first inning solo home run by Xander Bogaerts /

The Boston Red Sox have announced promotions where fans will receive featured items for select games at Fenway Park during the 2018 season.

A trip to see the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park is always a treat but fans may receive an extra bonus for being in attendance, depending on which games they go to.

The team announced a series of promotions planned for select games during the 2018 season. Fans will be greeted to the park for those games with a featured Red Sox themed item. These giveaways will be distributed to the first 10,000 fans in attendance, unless otherwise specified.

The series of promotions kicks off on April 8 with the first of two kids giveaways. Fans under the age of 14 will receive a pair of kids batting gloves for coming to this Sunday afternoon game against the Tampa Bay Rays. The other giveaway for kids will hand out Wally pillows on September 8 when the Houston Astros visit for a rematch of last year’s ALDS.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a kid to be rewarded with a toy for your visit to Fenway. Fans who attend the April 13 game against the Baltimore Orioles can receive a Chris Sale “K-Counter” bobblehead. Given how the schedule lines up, Sale is unlikely to be on the mound for this game but I’m sure the counter can be used to track strikeouts for any Red Sox pitcher.

On April 30, fans can receive a Christian Vazquez Gnome, which is… a lawn gnome that looks like the Red Sox catcher? The May 14 promotion involves fake beards, so if you see a bearded lady at Fenway that night it doesn’t mean the circus is in town. She may just be a Craig Kimbrel fan.

On May 25, you can get the official headband of Andrew Benintendi. When you’re a FloBro, sometimes you need a headband to keep that flowing moss out of your face. Is the headband not a great look for you but you still want some Benny merchandise? Not to worry, you can get a Benintendi bobblehead on June 6. The item is listed as a “splash” bobble, which based on the image appears to be a bobblehead with the player getting a cooler of Gatorade poured on them. Someone thought that was a good idea?

Apparently they did, since they are doubling and tripling down on the splash bobbles. Xander Bogaerts will get one of his own on July 31, followed by Mookie Betts on September 14. Dumping Gatorade on a player during their post-game interview has become as much of a tradition for this Red Sox team as the Win, Dance, Repeat routine in the outfield. It was only a matter of time before ownership found a way to capitalize on it.

If you can make it to the game on a Wednesday night to see the Sox host the Toronto Blue Jays then you can get a Rafael Devers Gnome on September 12. This will pair nicely with the Vazquez Gnome that has undoubtedly been sitting on your lawn since April.

On September 25, fans can receive a Pedro Martinez “Duct Tape” bobblehead. You may recall back in 1999, Pedro was taped to a pole in the dugout by teammates who tired of hearing his constant commentary during games when the ace wasn’t on the mound.

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A passionate fan base doesn’t need any additional incentive to see their team play but these promotions are a nice bonus for fans who would have happily gone to the game anyway. Don’t want to clutter up your home with these items? You can always sell them on eBay.