Red Sox: Dombrowski gets an offseason F without adding J.D. Martinez

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The Boston Red Sox get an F grade for the offseason without adding JD Martinez, leaving them without enough fire power in the loaded AL East.

In late 2017, the Boston Red Sox had an opportunity to go after some big names that were going to be on the market, several of which played for the Miami Marlins. None were bigger than J.D. Martinez who had a career year and was destined to make big money this off-season.

The Marlins, under new management for the lack of a better term, slashed their entire team with the exception of Christian Yelich, who I’m sure will also be packing his bags for a new club soon as well.

With Marcell Ozuna off to St. Louis, Dee Gordon in Seattle and Giancarlo Stanton in the Bronx, the Sox are running out of suitable options in the market. Outside of JD Martinez, there is a major drop off in the talent pool.

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Is Martinez worth the money that he is expected to be asking? Rumors are swirling of a five-year offer already in the mix. Is five years enough for him at this point in his career?

The Red Sox added Mitch Moreland back on a two year deal worth $13 million. While I’m happy that Red Sox brass has brought back Mitchy-Two-Bags on a relatively cheap deal, the move to get Eric Hosmer is now non-existent.

How in the world does Dave Dombrowski fail this offseason in the books? One answer. Dombrowski fails if J.D. Martinez is NOT playing in Boston next season, it’s that simple. If they miss out on him, who’s the next best option? The choices are very limited.

Rumor Mill affecting Dombrowski?

Rumors were also swirling around that the Orioles were going to be shopping Manny Machado around. Here’s to hoping that he doesn’t land in a place that not only doesn’t want him, they don’t need him. With Rafael Devers showing a glimpse of his future power, the Sox are set at 3rd base for the foreseeable future. If Xander Bogaerts can get back to peak form, the team will also be set at shortstop. Getting another big bat does come with challenges financially as well.

After 2018, there will be a major free agent class worth spending big bucks on. Granted some players are almost destined to play in certain markets, the doors are not completely shut on one of them heading over to Boston. The Sox still need to consider signing major players i.e. Mookie Betts and Andrew Benintendi to long term deals especially if they want to keep the young core squad together for years to come. Lord knows what Betts’ extension will look like.

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It’s almost a guarantee that the team will be opening up the wallets at the conclusion of 2018 and 2019. Lest we forget that both Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez’s contracts come off the books and that’s not counting what could also be David Price’s albatross deal gone as well. Can Dombrowski salvage his grade and reputation as one of the games best GM’s? This season will certainly tell us a lot about the team and also whether or not a change is necessary at the helm.