Red Sox Rumors: Rafael Devers should not be dealt for Manny Machado

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 09: Rafael Devers
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 09: Rafael Devers /

With Manny Machado trade rumors being discussed, Red Sox fans are talking about which players they would trade. One player they shouldn’t is Rafael Devers.

The talk about the Boston Red Sox trading away Rafael Devers is mind-blowing to me.  Why would you trade away a young star who has shown so much talent for a one-year rental of Manny Machado?

When Devers was called up last year, I wasn’t sure how this young kid would perform in the big leagues.  He proved his doubters wrong in his first half-season.  Not only did he step in and become one of the team’s best hitters, he also came through in the clutch several times for the team.

Two moments stand out to me from Devers’ rookie season.  The first is the game-tying ninth inning home run against the Yankees.  

This game was on Sunday Night Baseball and it was in New York.  The pitcher he was facing was Aroldis Chapman.  It doesn’t get much tougher than that. It is unbelievable that a 20 year-old kid can step in and face one of the best closers in baseball, in a tough environment, on the biggest platform.  Why would you get rid of a player that is capable of doing that?

The other moment that sticks out to me is the inside-the-park home run in the ALDS.  

The Red Sox were facing elimination and needed two runs to tie the game to stay alive.  Devers led off the ninth inning with a deep ball to center field that he was able to get around all the bases on.

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Again, isn’t it just crazy that a young 20 year-old can do that? The Red Sox need guys like that. They need guys that are able to step up for the team when they need them to.  Devers is just a kid and he was as clutch as anyone on the team.

Another thing that fans need to realize is that Machado will, most likely, only be in Boston for a year.  He doesn’t want to play in Boston.  He will pack up his bags and go to New York as soon as he can.  Why would you want a player like that?  

Do you also remember all the drama that was going on between the Red Sox and Orioles last year and how Machado was bashing the team?  I don’t want a player like that on the team.  I would rather have a guy who loves the city of Boston and is grateful of being able to play on the Red Sox. Devers has come out and said that he loves it in Boston and grew up loving the Sox.  What would you rather have – one year of Machado or multiple years of Devers?

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I’m praying that Dave Dombrowski makes the right decision and keeps Devers.  The Red Sox need this young star on the team.  Devers has so much potential and has a bright future ahead of him. So, I am begging you Mr. Dombrowski, please keep Rafael Devers.