Red Sox free agency inactivity is both puzzling and alarming

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 06: J.D. Martinez /

Time for a Boston Red Sox rant on just what is going on with this off-season? The usual pro-active team has been in slumber mode instead of aggressive mode.

The Red Sox management and especially Dave Dombrowski are under the management Mendoza Line this off-season. The Rip Van Winkle approach most certainly has the inhabitants of Red Sox Nation in various stages of grief. Just what gives?  Usually, DD is ultra-kinetic mode and now? The sloths in Zootopia move at light speed compared to Dombrowski. Is there a plan?

The first item of note is first base.  The Red Sox made an offer to Carlos Santana that was so attractive he signed elsewhere.  Jose Abreu has been a name we at BSI have beaten to death for the potential of coming to Boston along with .318 hitting Eric Hosmer. Not happening.

Boston opted out of paying big in prospects and/or cash and brought back Mitch Moreland. Moreland is a nice player, but Abreu and Hosmer are simply better – far better. So, first base is back to where first base was when we were last seen getting an Astros beat down.

The bullpen has been a source of numerous articles on various Red Sox oriented websites including this one. My selection of choice was Jake McGee who signed back with the Rockies.  Others have moved on such as Steve Cishek and Pat Neshek have been removed from the board. Maybe the Red Sox will look to Bartolo Colon and Craig Breslow?

The Red Sox also seem to be observing from afar the Gerrit Cole “pitcher available” sign being hung out by the Pirates.  Even the lower end starters such as Doug Fister and Mike Fiers have moved on to elsewhere.  And Tommy Hunter?  A capable righty who signs with (gasp!) the Phillies!  The very active Phillies.

Mike Adams is a solid hitter with a bit of Matt Stairs in my memory banks, but Adams is gone. So is the higher – much higher – profiled Marcell Ozuna. Ozuna has power, speed, run-producing ability and is young.  At least he didn’t end up with the Yankees as Giancarlo Stanton did.

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So, what gives?  What’s the scoop, DD? Is there some secret sauce brewing in the War Room at Fenway Park? Is a huge deal in the works? The rumor mill is really getting narrowed down to one special bat – J.D. Martinez. That, however, may be an illusion.  After what has transpired we may end up with Jose Bautista.

Maybe they can make an offer on Evan Longoria? A right-handed Red Sox killer. Damn!  I forgot. Off to the Giants to do battle with Pablo Sandoval for third base. I give Longoria and his three Gold Gloves the slightest edge.

The least – very least – they could do is sign Eduardo Nunez for a Christmas delivery and quiet frayed nerves. Maybe they will get that extra outfielder?  I’m sure John Jay versus Raji Davis has a story potential.  Maybe get Lorenzo Cain and ship out Jackie Bradley? Big salary and four more years of age – makes a world of sense.

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Maybe the Red Sox are just going to wait out the storm?  Another “bridge year” and Bryce Harper and Manny Machado can be looked at. Oh, we’ll get Jay Bruce (yawn) to get us to that bridge.