Red Sox Triple-A relocation drama between Worcester, Pawtucket

BOSTON - JULY 17: David Ortiz
BOSTON - JULY 17: David Ortiz /

The Boston Red Sox off-season drama has filtered down to the minor league level.  Will it be Pawtucket or Worcester for the Triple-A team?

The Boston Red Sox may not be as active as we wished in this offseason, but their Triple-A franchise is. Will it be Worcester or Pawtucket and how soon?

Soap Operas on television are entertainment in perpetuity as they continue for decades. The ongoing drama over a potential move of the Red Sox Triple-A farm club is now a story that also goes on and on.

The patient zero in this is Larry Lucchino – formerly of the Red Sox ownership triumvirate – who took over as the public face of the Pawtucket Red Sox (PawSox).

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Lucchino is not new to the building process as he has significant credit for new stadium development in San Diego with Petco Park and Camden Yards in Baltimore. Lucchino in this instance is attempting to leverage as much financial support as possible. The first order of business was the replacement of ancient McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket.

Possible renovation of McCoy was deep-sixed since repair/renovation is in the same ballpark (sorry) figure as a new stadium would cost. What is interesting is the migratory pattern as the locations in downtown Providence have been rejected and the most likely location is now the former place of the defunct Apex Department Store.

The Apex location is overlooking the “beautiful” Seekonk River on one side and nestled against the nightmare known as I-95 on the other side. More on this potential place and the possible Worcester location can be found in this article.

"“What we nearly have reached is doomsday, when the team will be pushed out to another state, costing our residents one of the last few affordable, friendly entertainment options they have,” he said. “Rather than making the choice to give millions of dollars to Massachusetts, I respectfully ask the General Assembly to give those millions to Pawtucket.” – Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien"

What you have is a perfect fiscal storm for Lucchino and his group to get most of the tab paid by someone else – two suitors both attempting to create a lush dowry to win the favor of LL. The losers? That is an extended list that starts with the taxpayers and goes right through to school systems, infrastructure, public safety and all those other non-baseball options.

The Mayor of Pawtucket is obviously in full crisis mode as exemplified by his braying quotes on watching the PawSox pack up and move. And the other side? Is Worcester rather quiet regarding this possibility – better poker players? Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is also lining up behind Worcester.

"“We certainly believe that you all have an opportunity on this one. And we will do what we can as a commonwealth to help you leverage that in the course of your discussions with the folks at the Red Sox” – Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker"

The city of Worcester is currently experiencing a rebirth, revival or whatever and a very nice plum for dessert is the PawSox. And let us not forget the state of Rhode Island losing out on $75 Million with Curt Schilling and his long-gone business operation. A stay away signal.

For Red Sox fans – meaning the “Big Club” this is merely an exercise in boredom. Depending on where you live the distance to see 3A ball may be further or closer. For me, it is further away, but I have a son in Worcester so that is a plus. For the players? According to Google, they’ll save a few minutes traveling from Worcester.

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Meanwhile, I will most certainly make a prediction – no matter who ropes in the 3A club the ticket prices will go up and free parking will no longer be free.