The Red Sox’ Mr. Goodbar is J.D. Martinez

PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 04: J.D. Martinez
PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 04: J.D. Martinez /

The Boston Red Sox will eventually sign J.D. Martinez since they have money and Martinez has the bat. This will be Boston’s Mr. Goodbar for the near future.

The term “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” has become a euphemism for attempting to find something that is missing with the result being a tragic failure as in the book and movie of the same title. The Red Sox are in a search for their Mr. Goodbar to provide the power so desperately needed and so obviously absent from the 2017 season.

Mr. Goodbar had tragic consequences in the literary version and the Red Sox may or may not have a similar outcome with their current toppling of every baseball toadstool to find a slugger to give that rather tepid power of 2017 a Manny Ramirez type jolt.

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One may view Manny through several different prisms since he was petulant, temperamental, uncooperative, lethargic, delightful, and one of the most feared hitters of his generation. “Manny being Manny” was tolerated simply by just a cursory glance of his Boston production. Can that be found again?

According to that latest reports, the delivery of Giancarlo Stanton from Miami will not take place. Amazon Prime is not ready for shipment to Boston and San Francisco apparently is now the favorite in the sweepstakes with St. Louis still in serious consideration.

My excitement for Stanton waned when examining a contract that may outlive half the population on the planet. Also attached is the requisite player or players to be hauled off to enjoy the Art Deco of South Beach. A reality check is Boston does not have anything in the prospect tank that would encourage Miami and I doubt Jackie Bradley and Eduardo Rodriguez and his wrecked knee are considered a fair exchange.

The next discussed bat that has surfaced is Jose Abreu – a matter of interest I discussed a few months ago. The cost may be prohibitive, but if requires Bradley and just maybe a Sam Travis then you do it. Of course, it may represent two seasons and out since Abreu will be a free agent who will get a shovel full of money.

The only real “Goodbar” available is J.D. Martinez. By this time the celebrated free agent of note does not need any statistical information attached to his name. That is now memorized by most or all the residents of Red Sox Nation. What Martinez represent is the middle of the lineup pounder who will energize your stagnant home run totals.

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The downside is the money or is it? Contract considerations had – note had – a primal rejection for the Red Sox, but no longer. The specter of the luxury tax has dissipated, and ownership is on record to spend and the spending target certainly is narrowed to Martinez. But spend also comes with the most feared notation for any contractual situation – Scott Boras.

Boras is loved by his clients, feared by management and hated by fans, but if was all about the money I would kiss his ring and say: “Show me the money!” The Red Sox have a long history with Boras, so I doubt the fear factor will arise as it might elsewhere. But Boras is also adamant about said money, so the process could go on for the winter.

The Red Sox will eventually sign Martinez, and this is nothing more than when the Red Sox needed an “Ace” and dumped $217 Million on David Price. They will do the same for Martinez and he may not be Manny, but it will be close. This is the guy they need, and they will get him.

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The key is a simple fact that money is replaceable, and talent is not. With Stanton and Abreu Boston gives up players and may end up with more of a financial hit than signing Martinez. So, RSN can get ready for the Martinez era which could span seven seasons and based on history they will be very productive seasons.