Red Sox possibilities on Non-Tender roster options

BOSTON, MA - JULY 08: Sean O'Sullivan
BOSTON, MA - JULY 08: Sean O'Sullivan /
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BOSTON, MA – OCTOBER 08: Doug Fister
BOSTON, MA – OCTOBER 08: Doug Fister /

The non-tendered players are accumulating and that may offer some possibilities for the Boston Red Sox to surface.  Here is a look at a few and the chances of signing them.

The non-tender season is now upon Major League Baseball as teams cut ties with a variety of players who have been deemed expendable. The exit may be based on salary, projections, talent, injury, potential arbitration or a combination of all.

Boston had a shopping tradition known as Filene’s Basement where goods from the floors above would eventually work their way into the basement at drastically reduced prices – prices that would continue to be reduced until the shelves were cleared.  The Basement is still in operation, but not on the long-gone site of the department store.

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Non-Tender is potentially a bargain basement for the astute shopper – meaning baseball operations. Think of an NFL team that suddenly fills a need by grabbing someone off another team’s practice squad. In most instances it accomplishes little, but the non-tender can fill a need.  A Matt Adams will most certainly find a home since Adams can hit.

The non-tender of my interest is with pitching.  The Red Sox have no need for a Ryan Goins or Danny Santana, but pitching is always of value.  The pitching, however, is not the type that will send a quiver of fear of those with a tenuous hold on the rotation or bullpen.  What is searched out is that arm or arms that can be stuffed away on a minor league deal until proven a mistake or the possibility of providing some needed help.  Think Sean O’Sullivan.

There is still a gem or two or three available and I have noted a few in the following post along with my view of the potential for signing. Reader beware that with some mentioned, if you have them on your roster during the season things are probably going rather bleak.