Red Sox: 2017 offseason BSI round table discussion

PHOENIX, AZ - SEPTEMBER 24: Giancarlo Stanton
PHOENIX, AZ - SEPTEMBER 24: Giancarlo Stanton /
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HOUSTON, TX – AUGUST 03: Logan Morrison (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
HOUSTON, TX – AUGUST 03: Logan Morrison (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

Which under-the-radar bat should the Red Sox pursue – Logan Morrison, Lucas Duda, Todd Frazier, Yonder Alonso?

Sean: Logan Morrison has the most upside of the group, yet the Red Sox would be banking on his breakout season not being a fluke. Prior to this year he never hit more than 22 homers or had an OPS above .800 in a full season. Todd Frazier is too frustrating to watch everyday and would drive Red Sox fans nuts. Yonder Alonso’s second-half fade after being traded to Seattle suggests his All-Star first half was a mirage. Lucas Duda could be a cheap path to 30 homers. He should be in a platoon role to avoid lefties, but would provide plenty of pop when he’s in the lineup. If the Red Sox want to swing for the fences, take the risk on Morrison’s upside. Otherwise, go cheap with Duda and pair him with another move for a bigger bat. If Duda is the best Boston can add then this winter is a bust.

Rick: Duda has a bit more career consistency that Alonso and Morrison, who both had what amounts to surprise years.  I cannot get that impressed with Frazier, who hits a bundle of home runs, strikes out too much and has a low average. Frazier would have to play first base where he has spent little time so the infield corners could be risky with Frazier and Devers. Plus, Bogaerts is probably just average defensively. Pitchers will be on suicide watch with that defense.

Josh: I have never been a fan of Todd Frazier. He has always offered too little outside of power, and has always struck out far too often. That didn’t change after he arrived in New York, despite the relative success he enjoyed with the team. He may be a great clubhouse guy, but I’d prefer to see the Sox look at other options for their next bat. Yonder Alonso would be a solid, cheap option. He’s a career .268 guy, which isn’t awful, and demonstrated last season that he has 30-homer power. By signing him, the Red Sox would be gambling on 2017 not being a fluke, but it shouldn’t be too costly if it doesn’t pan out.

Jake: I would lean toward Logan Morrison here, although none come without their risks. Luckily, with the power market being so over-saturated, none of these options will likely cost all that much. Home runs are cheap nowadays, and adding Morrison and his breakout 38 homers would go a long way toward helping the lineup. He’s only 29, and while his second-half “slump” was concerning, he still posted a .800+ OPS in each of the last two months. AKA, better than Mitch Moreland.

Bryson: Logan Morrison would be a good one for the Red Sox to chase. Throw out the 150 strikeouts, he was a pretty good power hitter for the Rays this year. I do not think he is a perennial 30+ home run hitter, but that is why he is in the bargain bin. His 3.6 WAR was the highest of his career, and he may not replicate that value, but the Red Sox are not looking for an all-world player in Morrison. This would be a nice little gamble for the Sox.