Red Sox Potential Free Agent Target: J.D. Martinez

PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 04: J.D. Martinez
PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 04: J.D. Martinez /

As the Red Sox head into the offseason, the team is looking to add some power bats to the lineup.  Free agent, J.D. Martinez may be that guy.

After watching this Boston Red Sox team this season, everyone can say that one thing is for certain. They need to add power to the lineup.

The Red Sox were last in the majors in home runs this season.  Most of the time, a team that wants to win a championship has to be able to hit the long ball.  The Red Sox just couldn’t do that this season.

Many names have emerged recently on who the Red Sox need to go after this offseason to add some power to the lineup.  One name that is probably the most popular is free agent, J.D. Martinez.  Martinez played this past season with two teams.  He started the season with the Detroit Tigers and then was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks at the deadline.

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Martinez was able to produce big numbers for both the Tigers and the Diamondbacks this past season.  Martinez had a batting a batting average of .303 and a slugging percentage of .690.  Martinez ended the year with 45 home runs.  You can make the argument that if he played the whole season in Arizona, he could be a possible NL MVP candidate.

It’s safe to say that Martinez would be a great addition to the Sox lineup and would be able to fill that power bat position in the lineup.  Martinez is an outfielder, but could DH for the Sox.  Martinez also has a reputation of being a hard-worker, so maybe he could be a good leader and role model in the clubhouse, which this team needs.  He isn’t the type of player who thinks he is better than everyone else and plays hard every game.  That type of player is hard to find nowadays.

In my opinion, the Red Sox need to make Martinez one of their top priorities this offseason.  I think he is exactly what this team needs and would fit in perfectly with the Red Sox.  I am hoping Dave Dombrowski thinks the same as me.

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If the Sox want to get Martinez, they are going to have to go after him hard.  A lot of other teams have interest in Martinez, so the Sox will have to make a strong push for him.  Let’s hope Dombrowski and the front office can get him.