Red Sox Potential Free Agent Target: Eric Hosmer

OAKLAND, CA - AUGUST 16: Eric Hosmer
OAKLAND, CA - AUGUST 16: Eric Hosmer /

As the Red Sox head into the offseason, there are many free agents the team could target, but the team needs to make a strong push for Eric Hosmer.

It is clear that this Boston Red Sox team needs someone to lead the team. With David Oritz retiring, the team was left without a strong voice in the clubhouse. This season, many fans and writers argued who the leader was in the clubhouse and at the end of the day, we didn’t have one. Eric Hosmer might be that guy to lead this team.

Already this offseason, I’ve seen a few rumors about Eric Hosmer being a great fit for Boston.  Another small thing that might play into the free agent first baseman coming to Boston is that Hosmer and Deven Marrero are really good friends and grew up together.  Marrero could maybe help the team out by trying to get his friend to pack his bags and come to Boston.

As a first baseman, Hosmer has played his entire 7-year career with the Kansas City Royals, but will likely head into the 2018 season with a new team. But, in those seven years with the Royals, he has established himself as a leader in the clubhouse, which is something the Red Sox could use.

With Mitch Moreland heading into free agency, the first base position is open. Hosmer could step in and be a good addition to the team and could help the team tremendously with his bat in the lineup. This past season, Hosmer is coming off a career year where he hit .318/.385/.498 for the Royals. He went yard 25 times this year. He has also played really well at Fenway Park, so that is a major plus.

Another reason why I believe Hosmer could be a great fit with the Red Sox is I think he would almost instantly become a fan-favorite.  He was known to be very interactive with the fans in Kansas City and I think Red Sox fans would absolutely love that.  Back in 2014, when the Kansas City Royals beat the Oakland A’s in the AL Wild Card game, Hosmer sent out a tweet telling all the Royals fans to meet him and some other Royals players at a local bar.  For some reason, I absolutely love that.  I think that is exactly what Boston could use.  I love when players are like that.

Hosmer is in his prime, so if the Sox could get him, that would be a great addition.  He also has plenty of postseason experience under his belt with 31 playoff games and 12 World Series games.

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If the Sox want to snag Hosmer off the free-agent market, they will have to make a big push for him.  Kansas City doesn’t want him to leave, so they will offer him big money to stay with them.  If Dombrowski wants a leader on the team, he needs to get Hosmer.