Red Sox Free Agent Targets: Top 5 available starting pitchers

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 17: Lance Lynn /
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The Red Sox are entering a big off-season for the franchise, what pitchers might they try to go after?

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BOSTON, MA – SEPTEMBER 18: Dave Dombrowski (Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images) /

The postseason came and went quickly for the Boston Red Sox. Many questioned the manager, some questioned the bats, but in my opinion, this falls on the starting pitching.

No starter for the Red Sox went more than five innings this postseason. This makes the second straight postseason that the starting pitching was the downfall of the team, so what has to give for the Red Sox?

I personally think that the Red Sox have a problem in the starting rotation. The problem does not start with Chris Sale, but it does start with everybody else.

Sale made his postseason debut this season, and nerves are common for a first-time starter. He calmed down for his second outing and was great until making a couple of mistakes in his last inning. It was easy to see that Sale labored through his last inning.

But after Sale, what are the excuses? Drew Pomeranz was pitching great all the way up until the postseason. Rick Porcello struggled all season. Doug Fister, the Sox most experienced starter, threw a dud in his start.

The Red Sox desperately needed a stopper. They needed a guy they could give the ball to, and you knew that he was going to shove.

I am going to give you the top five pitching options for the Sox this off-season, and maybe they can find their stopper for next year.