Red Sox: Five keys to a successful 2017 MLB postseason

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 30: Koji Uehara
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 30: Koji Uehara /
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CLEVELAND, OH – AUGUST 21: Hanley Ramirez (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OH – AUGUST 21: Hanley Ramirez (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

If the story of the 2016 Red Sox was hitting, the 2017 story of the Red Sox has lacked a similar narrative. Whereas last year the Red Sox found themselves with three players who hit 30+ HRs, this years team won’t have any player even sniffing such a mark.

As it stands, Hanley Ramirez and Mookie lead the team in HRs with 22. Shortly behind them, you’ll find Mitch Moreland and Benintendi at 19, followed by Bradley with 17. After these five hitters, there isn’t any other player on the roster with double-digit home runs.

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While home runs may be an issue for this team as they rank 27th overall in the majors and dead last in the American League in this category, it isn’t necessarily the be-all-end-all for this team. To their credit, this year’s Red Sox team has found various different ways to score, using their legs being one such way.

However, when it comes to the postseason, a big home run is usually needed a time or two over the course of a series. Who on this roster does anyone trust to hit such a big home run? Looking back on the 2013 World Series run they hit two huge grand slams in the ALCS that propelled them to the pennant? This year’s Red Sox? They don’t have a single grand slam over the course of 160 games.

The Red Sox will ultimately find themselves in a spot this October when a home run will be needed. Unless they can find someone to step up to the plate both literally and figuratively, their chances of success dwindle significantly.