Red Sox: Home run hitting sluggers Boston should have signed

BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 15: Mike Leake
BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 15: Mike Leake /
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ATLANTA – SEPTEMBER 15: Troy Glaus (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
ATLANTA – SEPTEMBER 15: Troy Glaus (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /


Bob Allison was an underrated power hitter who slammed 22 home runs at Fenway good for 64 RBI and a .296 average. Allison played 97 games in Boston with 348 at-bats and had a .947 OPS.

Looking for an all or nothing hitter?  Go no further than Dave Kingman, but he certainly enjoyed Fenway. Kingman played only 20 games in Boston with 76 at-bats, but hit 13 home runs and had 21 RBI. Kingman had a 1.161 OPS to go with a .276 average.

Bill Melton once capture a home run title and he certainly enjoyed Fenway with a .345 average. Melton played 44 games with 165 at-bats that produced nine home runs and 30 RBI. His .995 OPS say a lot.  Hated to see him up. Dead pull hitter.

The statistical mirror of Melton is Troy Glaus. Glaus also won a home run title and played 44 games in Fenway with 156 at-bats. Glaus had nine home runs, 29 RBI, a .308 average and a .987 OPS.

By 31-years-old Juan Gonzalez career was essentially over.  A two time home run champion and two time MVP. Gonzalez appeared in 60 games at Fenway with 256 at-bats that generated 20 home runs and 63 RBI. In his healthy prime, he was exceptionally tough.

Gorman Thomas is on my memory list, simply because he was a joy to those of us in center field. “Stormin’ Gorman” only hit .230 at Fenway, but the two time home run (and strikeout) champion hit 16 home runs in 71 games and 235 at-bats. Towering home runs were his trademark.

Before there was Aaron Judge there was Frank Howard for skyscraper players.  Howard simply murdered the ball. Howard played in 73 games at Fenway having 268 at-bats. The totals were 18 home runs, 45 RBI a .291 average and .914 OPS.

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If Gus Zernial ever hit a ball to right field, then it must have been an accident.  Just a straight pull hitter who was physically built like a steamer trunk. Zernial played 98 games at Fenway accumulating 365 at-bats.  What is impressive is his 28 home runs and 73 RBI. Zeke hit.277 in Boston with a .885 OPS. Physically intimidating.