Red Sox: What if Boston never overpaid to sign David Price?

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - AUGUST 9: Pitcher David Price
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - AUGUST 9: Pitcher David Price /
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ST. PETERSBURG, FL – AUGUST 9: Pitcher David Price (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images) /

Price with the media

Price had several run ins with the media. The first was with journalist Evan Drellich which didn’t go well and then some time later with former Sox pitcher Dennis Eckersley. What in the world was he getting all worked about? First things first, you cannot be getting angry at the media when you pitch poorly. No one is going to complain if you only want to talk to the media on days that you pitch. That’s a fair request. You’re also pitching in Boston, a very big market. You need to buck up.

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Run-ins with journalists happen all the time. Was he in the wrong? Depending on Drellich’s exact words, probably not. Was he at fault with the incident involving Eck on the team plane? Absolutely. Rather than giving him the opportunity to defend himself he quickly dismissed him and moved on. It remains to be determined if some members of the team actually clapped when he said what he said. Some people just can’t handle the pressure in Boston.

Carl Crawford and Sandoval’s names come to mind. Both players were complete busts. Was Price on his way to joining the two of them? Considering the money involved and the thought that he was going to only be playing one season as 2017 was almost lost, $60 million for one season is ridiculous. Someone will have to teach him how it works in Boston. If he does opt out in Boston it would create an interesting situation for the team going forward.