Red Sox: Is David Price headed to the bullpen for the postseason?


The Boston Red Sox have been winning without David Price in the starting rotation and now, due to his slow recovery, they are considering using him in the bullpen during the postseason.

There is about a month left of the regular season for the Red Sox and they are first in the American League East division and have achieved that without, for the most part, the help of starting pitcher David Price. Price was placed on the 10-day disabled list on July 28th due to left elbow inflammation and has been slowly making progress during his rehab.

Just as recent as Wednesday, Price being throwing off the mound for the first time. With his recovery taking so long and with the Red Sox starting pitchers performing well, Price and the Red Sox are running out of time and options for his return. However, moving Price to the bullpen for the postseason is an option that must be considered.

On Dale, Holley & Keefe of the WEEI, Red Sox manager John Farrell stated that this exact idea, moving Price to the bullpen for the postseason rather than bringing him back as a starter, is something they are considering.

“At this point, you can’t rule that out,” Farrell stated. “Like I said, it is just going to be dependent on his stamina, durability, all that, (and) how that continues to build here.”

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Price has been plagued by injuries, particularly elbow injuries, all throughout the 2017 season. He also missed the first 49 regular season games due to a left elbow strain. However, the Red Sox are confident the injuries are not significant and that a return this season is possible. His recent throwing off the mound and his consecutive days of long toss are good signs that the southpaw is close to taking on a heavier work load.

However, if Price experiences a set-back or if throwing off the mound or on consecutive days proves to be too much for him, then it won’t matter where the Red Sox would like to put him, he won’t be useful during a World Series chase.

“It’s going to be dependent upon when David is able to get to game speed, first and foremost,” Farrell stated. “Then you’re realistically looking at the calendar at what is left and how we can build him up. His first major step I think today is getting back on the mound. It will be all fastballs today.”

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Price and the Red Sox are hoping he can return soon as he presents another great arm that will help the team win. However, Boston has also been a very good team without Price and he may  prove to be an unnecessary risk this October. Only time will tell and the Red Sox and David Price are both running out of time.