Red Sox: Two unlikely players have made the difference

BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 1: Eduardo Nunez
BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 1: Eduardo Nunez /
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TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 20: Pablo Sandoval (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 20: Pablo Sandoval (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

Post-Panda Era

While Sandoval has found a new home in his old home, the Red Sox are 100% about a few things. Number one, they made out like bandits in the Nunez trade with the Giants. Secondly, Devers is a much better option over Panda at third base. The third? The Giants will soon regret giving him another chance after disgracing himself once again and another ball club.

While the Panda may still very well be laughing his way to the bank to the tune of $49.5 million, Boston is so much better without him. Good riddance. After a strong showing during Spring Training, the true Panda came out to play making mistakes in the infield, swinging at poor pitches, and slowly but surely began losing his in shape form regressing to the old Panda status.

Will his career get resurrected in San Francisco? At least one person hopes so, although it’s not like he needs the money. The Red Sox will be paying him through 2020. Talk about a waste, not only as a ball player but more importantly the financial hit the Sox took on adding a glutton. It still baffles me that he felt he needed to apologize to the wrong fans after everything was said and done. Sure, go ahead and apologize to the fan base and team that laughed you out of town.

John Henry, Larry Luccino and the entire Red Sox front office deserve an apology from that fool. Will they ever receive one? Nope. In the end, I’m pretty certain that his career will fizzle out. Sandoval has made his money and now he’s just going to enjoy attempting to play baseball while getting paid nearly $20 million annually for the next two seasons plus a gimme bonus in 2020.