Red Sox: Nicknames for Players Weekend uniforms

BOSTON, MA - MAY 13: Mookie Betts
BOSTON, MA - MAY 13: Mookie Betts /

MLB’s Players Weekend will allow players to show off their personalities through unique uniforms. Here’s what nicknames Red Sox players will wear.

Have you ever watched a Boston Red Sox game and wished that the players could let more of their personalities shine through? They will soon get the chance, at least temporarily.

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association announced jointly on Wednesday that players will be allowed to take certain liberties with their attire during games played from Friday, Aug. 25 through Sunday, Aug. 27.

During this Players Weekend, teams will sport non-traditional jerseys made by Majestic with nicknames on the back in place of the player’s last name. They will also have the freedom to wear uniquely colored spikes, batting gloves, wrist bands, compression sleeves, catcher’s masks and bats.

The Red Sox have revealed the uniforms they will wear that weekend when they host the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park.

Not only do these blue jerseys with the red trim and sleeves bring a new look to the team, we also get our first look at the nicknames that Red Sox players have chosen. Some players on the team have well established nicknames, while a few settled for the boring route of using their initials (come on, Joe Kelly, you’re better than that!). However, some players got a little creative with nicknames that are either less common or created specifically for this event.

Dustin Pedroia has a few nicknames, but none more popular than the “Laser Show.” That was a clear choice for the veteran second baseman.

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The “Brock Star” is a great choice for Brock Holt. An alternative would have been coordinating with Andrew Benintendi with Flo Bros jerseys. That may have actually been a slight downgrade from Brock Star, although that would be offset by helping the rookie find a better option than “Benny.”

When your name is Mookie, you don’t need a nickname. Wait, Mookie is a nickname? Fine, his jersey works then.

David Price‘s jersey reminds us that the lefty is only interested in speaking to the media about his dog, Astro.

Has anyone actually heard Chris Sale referred to as “Stick Man” before? I mean, I get it… the guy is tall and thin. Couldn’t we have done better with this one though? Baseball Reference lists his nickname as Condor, a reference to his unorthodox delivery that makes him look like a vulture spreading its wings. Maybe he felt that nickname took too much explaining. Given Sale’s history with non-traditional uniforms, I expect him to show up to the games wearing a jersey that has been cut to shreds.

The introduction to Boston was anything but smooth for Drew Pomeranz last season. He’s bounced back to become arguably the second best pitcher in this rotation, so he can go by “Big Smooth” now if he wants.

Did Mitch Moreland get permission from Jared Carrabis to use the “2-Bags” nickname?

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I’m not sure I want to know the origins of “Dirty Craig.” Sure, Craig Kimbrel has a filthy slider. Let’s assume that’s what it relates to, yet it sounds like something… worse.

The award for shortest name on a jersey goes to Xander Bogaerts, who simply goes by “X.” Real creative. Couldn’t he have at least gone with X-Man? Maybe that would have caused a fuss with Marvel. The comics company (owned by Disney) must be stingy about letting others borrow the names of their properties given that they still can’t get the movie rights back to the popular group of mutants.

Hanley Ramirez‘ nickname of “El Trece” literally translates into English as “The Thirteen.” Yeah, it sounds much better in Spanish.

Rick Porcello essentially stole his idea by using the Spanish word for the number 22. There’s nothing pretty about the numbers the reigning Cy Young has put up this season, so I guess “Pretty Ricky” wasn’t an option.

Who else is disappointed that Heath Hembree didn’t put the name Kenny Powers on the back of his jersey? A fastball that clocks in at just under 96 mph is nothing to scoff at, but I’m not sure you can go by the name “Heater” when you share a bullpen with Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly.

Blaine Boyer‘s nickname of “Grande Rojo” is appropriate for a 6-foot-3 redhead. Although, the Red Mamba, Brian Salabrine, may have something to say about Boyer infringing on his territory on a Boston team.

John Farrell revealed on WEEI that he had the opportunity to wear a nickname on his jersey during Players Weekend, but he declined to participate. Red Sox fans have a few names they like to call the manager whenever he makes a head scratching decision they disagree with.

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Do you have a favorite among these new jerseys? Wish a player had gone with another nickname? Let us know in the comments!