Red Sox: What if Boston never traded for Eduardo Nunez?

BOSTON, MA - JULY 29: Eduardo Nunez
BOSTON, MA - JULY 29: Eduardo Nunez /
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The Boston Red Sox were in need of infield depth especially at 3rd base with the release of Pablo Sandoval – was the price for Eduardo Nunez worth it?

BOSTON, MA – JULY 29: Eduardo Nunez (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images)

The Boston Red Sox had one major hole each game this season. For those unsure or for those who have not had the opportunity to watch as many games, that hole was at third base.

No one could stay healthy or manage to field the position properly. Pablo Sandoval was the biggest aggravation on the team and after being given his release, he now finds himself with the team that laughed him out of town. Ironic really. The team needed a quick resolution.

Dave Dombrowski has never been shy about making trades. Prior to the 2017 season, Dombrowski pulled the switch on a trade for Chris Sale, sending future phenom Yoan Moncada and flame throwing righty Michael Kopech to the  Chicago White Sox. The Red Sox were in the midst of a playoff run with the Yankees clear on the their tails and still no clear cut person selected to be the official third baseman for the squad. Insert Eduardo Nunez.

While Nunez isn’t the sole third baseman, he’s made his impact known and has manned the hot corner several times for Boston so far. Nunez was heating up for San Francisco, but the Giants found the impending free agent expendable with their team completely out of contention. This allowed the Red Sox add the infielder to their lineup.

Originally deemed the utility man, Nunez has slowly played his way into a starting role daily. Defense isn’t his strongest suit, getting on base is. With that being said, was the trade for the two the prospects worth it?