Red Sox: David Price (again) goes to DEFCON on the media

BOSTON, MA - JUNE 24: David Price
BOSTON, MA - JUNE 24: David Price /

David Price has again put the Boston Red Sox in the media spotlight with a display of bad behavior.  This time directed at analyst and member of the Baseball HOF Dennis Eckersley.

I wish Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price a productive and successful remainder of the 2017 season. I would be delighted if Price capped off the year with a perfect record in the playoffs and with a Game 7 World Series shutout to finally exorcise postseason demons.

For 2018, I have further wishes that will just expand upon 2017. Start with another Cy Young Award. Add on a 20 win season. Top it off with a World Series MVP. My final wish would be for Price to activate his opt-out contract clause and leave town. Take his Twitter account, abrasive personality, sensitive nature and go south – maybe to the New York Yankees?

That, of course, is just my hyperbole and I would undoubtedly lavish accolades on Price if he follows such a path. Hey – Curt Schilling could be unbearable, but two rings and an inspiring performance for the ages melts that all away.

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The latest in the Price list of baseball misdemeanors or is it a verbal felony happened with a former star player. This one centered around some remarks made by Red Sox analyst Dennis Eckersley directed at Eduardo Rodriguez. I certainly admire Price’s ability to support a teammate, but his methods are like his earlier incursions into bad manners – in plain need for a Dr. Phil intervention.

In the off-season, the temperamental Price engaged in a Trump like Twitter exchange with Red Sox fans. This season, Price decided to go full-bore against the media in a well-documented clubhouse rage. Reporter Steve Buckey even felt the wrath of Price as an innocent bystander. My assumption is Price is taking a page out of the Ted Williams manual on the media – namely each and every one makes pond scum seem on top of the evolutionary ladder.

"“(Expletive) them all. All of (the media).” – David Price"

Price – a graduate of Vanderbilt – also has some difficulty expressing himself without attaching words and phases that contain or begin with the letter “F.” With Eckersley, it appeared to be one of being rather vocal on the teams charter flight – and vocal more than once. Price was agitated and that agitation took some time to dissipate – if it even did.

"“Get the (expletive) out of here.” – David Price"

Eckersley is an enjoyment for me.  Certainly, his overuse of certain phrases can be grating, but his insight on all things pitching is refreshing. Eckersley had a 24-year career and spent eight years of it – including his final season – in Boston.  He knows the city, media, and fans. Eckersley knows the success and failures in baseball and is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. An accomplished starter who once won 20 games and a relief specialist extraordinaire the Eck knows the game and the frail psyche of pitchers.

"“Here he is — the greatest pitcher (Eckersley) who ever lived! This game is easy for him!” – David Price"

The Red Sox will reportedly handle the matter “internally” which is a polite way of saying manager John Farrell will tell his $30 million a year petulant pitcher to “cool his jets” – at least in public. The Red Sox are getting some first-hand experience in brush fire maintenance with Price.

Price needs to comprehend the media is the conduit to fans for gather information not sanitized by management. Price is a savvy veteran who should be far less combative with criticism – especially deserved criticism.

I doubt you will see any significant change in Price as his behavior patterns are established. Fans and media will most certainly continue to remind Price of the very obvious cloud on his baseball resume – his postseason failures. This will be exasperated with each start that ends with a too quick exit and too many oppositions runners pounding their cleats into home plate.

Next: Red Sox Strut

No matter what Price does to get the team there the real issue is invariably postseason and World Series success.  If that is accomplished this or next season with Price being an integral part then his status goes from the outhouse to the penthouse.