Red Sox looking into the future possibility: Eric Hosmer

KANSAS CITY, MO - JULY 1: Eric Hosmer
KANSAS CITY, MO - JULY 1: Eric Hosmer /

The Boston Red Sox will be like every other team and look into the free agent future. Eric Hosmer is a player I have admired and would enjoy seeing in a Red Sox uniform. Is that possible?

A yearly event for myself is a trip to Kansas City and their annual get together with the Red Sox. I have a son in the area so the housing is cheap. The ballpark is nice despite being located somewhere out in the prairie and tickets are considerably cheaper than the bandbox in Boston. One player on the Royals that I have always thought was just plain solid is Eric Hosmer.

Hosmer plays first base and does so with flair, style, and considerable talent. At 6’4” the size factor certainly helps corral errant throws. Hosmer also has three Gold Gloves and though this award usually has some questions surrounding it, Hosmer shows that he earns it.

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Hosmer will be a free agent as will several members of the Royals.  Hosmer will also be 28-years-old before the 2018 season commences so Hosmer is in his baseball prime. This season Hosmer is on his way to hitting .300+ for the second time in his career. Hosmer also enjoys Fenway Park with a career .349 in 21 games.

Hosmer is not a traditional power hitter since you will not see him in the Home Run Derby or among the league leaders in hitting the long ball. What Hosmer brings to the offensive table is solid numbers across the board. Expect 20+ home runs, 90+ RBI and an average that should be in the vicinity of .300. Hosmer also can motor a bit on the base paths with 57 career steals in 75 attempts.

Is there a possibility the Red Sox will dive into the free agent pool with Hosmer? Knowing Boston’s penchant for questionable free agent investments this is one that would have a five-star rating is Hosmer was an investment. What plays into the market is money – Hosmer will get a substantial contract that will probably run well into the five to the seven-year range and touch on $100 Million.

I have seen projections on free agent salaries and that type of payout would fit into the niche. But is there even a need for Hosmer? The need has certain questions surrounding it.  The first and most obvious is just what about Sam Travis? Travis may actually be (hopefully) a right-handed version of Hosmer – at least offensively.

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The Red Sox could offer a contract to Mitch Moreland that would in all probability be for considerably less money and years. Maybe über prospect Rafael Devers will have a future at first base?  Devers big question mark on scouting reports is his defensive capabilities at third – improving, but, just maybe, first is in his future.

Attempting to look at this objectively and casting aside my obvious admiration for Hosmer I just can’t envision the Red Sox making a move on Hosmer. Hosmer would be an upgrade, but the dollars become a staggering consideration. The Red Sox – especially with Travis – have a far less expensive option. Also in play is the sometimes parsimonious Royals.

Hosmer may actually give an infamous home town discount to play in KC. Hosmer already has a ring and the notoriously comfortable lifestyle of the KC area may appeal to Hosmer as it has for other players. So if the Royals get on board with a figure that is “close” Hosmer may stay. The Royals may also be a bit shy on the financial front after the failure (so far) for Alex Gordon to justify his contract. However, my opinion is that Hosmer will become a central figure in maintaining the KC retooling after free agency.

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As much as I would like to see Hosmer raking at Fenway Park it is still a long shot.