Red Sox: Brandon Workman earning his comeback

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 10: Brandon Workman
BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 10: Brandon Workman /

From being a World Series Champ, to receiving Tommy John’s, Brandon Workman has worked his way back to becoming a big leaguer again.

Brandon Workman thought he had it made in 2013. For what was a remarkable World Series run for the Boston Red Sox, the rookie earned his chance to showcase himself in the postseason. However, he certainly hasn’t been a successful big league career, as injuries have been hindering his playing career.

The 6’5, 238 pound right-hander from Texas proved to be a positive asset for the Red Sox pitching staff. According to a scouting report from, it states Workman is a “Big-framed righty with well filled-out lower half. Not much projection left in his body. Raised arm slot from ¾ to closer to over the top. Fastball can sit 93-94 mph early in game, but loses velocity as the game goes on.”

The report goes on to mention that Workman could be better off as a reliever out of the bullpen as he has the potential to gain 1-2 more mph on his fastball. In the 2010, the Red Sox felt this was the right man for the future of this ball club, drafting him out of the second round and signing him for $800,000.

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Workman had worked his way through the minor league ranks making his way towards being a big league reliever. As the 2013 season approached, he had earned his spot on the roster. Workman’s big league career started off good, not great. He posted a 4.96 ERA in 151 innings pitched within 162 total games, also giving up 142 hits, 76 earned runs, and 124 strikeouts. Workman was certainly on the come up for the Red Sox, yet a serious injury had halted the right-hander’s ability to strive.

In June of 2015, Workman underwent Tommy John surgery. Workman had enough of unsuccessfully rehabbing a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament and wanted to go under the knife. Prior to his surgery, Manager John Farrell announced during spring training that Workman would enter the season as a full-time season, that had to hold off.

We all know, a successful Tommy John surgery allows many players to have more strength within their arms. After Brandon Workman received successful treatment, it was back to the drawing board.

As we fast forward two years to the present time, Workman’s rehabbing and stints back in the minor leagues have paid off for him being back at the big league level once again in July 2017. As of Tuesday night, the Red Sox made some roster moves that gave Workman the chance to be back with the ball club and was given the chance to showcase himself in the late innings of the 15-inning fiasco against the Blue Jays. Workman was able to shut down the door getting key punch outs on Tuesday night. It was certainly a big confidence booster for the 28-year old to get his chance to pitch as a full time reliever again and gain the trust back from his teammates and manager.

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Workman’s 2017 comeback campaign has been slow and steady, within 11.1 innings pitched so far, he’s posted a 3.18 ERA, 10 strikeouts, and a WHIP of 1.32. It will still take time for Workman to earn full trust from his manager again. It’s up to Farell on how Workman will be used throughout the remainder of the season, however, could Workman be one of the center pieces for the bullpen that would allow the Red Sox to make a run for the Playoffs?