Red Sox need to add power to the lineup at trade deadline

OAKLAND, CA - JULY 03: Todd Frazier
OAKLAND, CA - JULY 03: Todd Frazier /

The Red Sox lineup is lacking power and needs to shop for a big bat as the trade deadline approaches. They only have a couple more weeks to do so.

It is pretty obvious that the Boston Red Sox are lacking some power. Everyone was aware that the Sox were going to lose some power when David Ortiz retired. Big Papi isn’t coming back, so the team needs to look elsewhere to try to make up for the loss.

The team totals 94 home runs on the year which ranks them 26th in the majors. That needs to improve. They have a slugging percentage of .410 which puts them 22nd in that category. These two stats go to show that if the Red Sox want to be serious contenders for a World Series title, they need power.

Rumors are going around that Boston is close to trading for Chicago White Sox third baseman Todd Frazier. This would help the Red Sox tremendously, both at third base and in the lineup. Frazier is one of the leaders for the White Sox in home runs with 16. With that total, he would be ranked second on the Red Sox in home runs. Frazier would add power to a lineup that is lacking it.

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Another player that the Red Sox are reportedly showing interest in is J.D. Martinez. The Detroit Tigers outfielder would be another player who could add power to the lineup. Martinez has 16 home runs this season with a batting average of .305 and 1.018 OPS.  He would be able to get on base frequently and also hit for power.

However, this is a confusing rumor to me because where are the Sox going to put him? We have plenty of outfielders with Jackie Bradley, Andrew Benintendi, Mookie Betts, Chris Young, and occasionally Brock Holt.

Martinez can’t take the DH spot when Hanley Ramirez is one of our better hitters. The only way this could work would be convincing Hanley to play first base and I don’t see that happening.  With that being said, if the Sox could find a place for Martinez, that would be great.

A possible reunion with Oakland Athletics infielder Jed Lowrie is reportedly being discussed, according to MLB Insider Jon Heyman. Lowrie played for the Sox for four seasons before getting trading to the Houston Astros in 2011. He has 10 home runs on the year, which would be another guy that the Sox could use in the lineup to add some power.

Lowrie also ranks third on the A’s in OPS (.785) He would be tied for fourth on the Red Sox in that category. Lowrie could also play shortstop for the Sox, which would be great considering Xander Bogaerts rarely gets to rest.

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The Red Sox need some power and these guys could help.  Any of these guys would be great in the Red Sox lineup and it would give them what they need to be ready for the postseason.  The Sox only have a couple more weeks to make a move, let’s see what they can do.