Introducing the BoSox Injection Mailbag


Boston Red Sox fans, we want to hear your questions! Tweet at us, send us a direct message, Facebook message, or an email and we will answer your question in our new series.

With Opening Day fast approaching – April 3rd, mark your calendars – fans must have plenty of questions heading into the regular season. We at BoSox Injection do our best to provide as much in-depth analysis and coverage as possible, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. That’s why we want to engage with our readers to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible.

This means that we are introducing the BoSox Injection Mailbag. Or #BSIMailbag. You have questions and we want to provide answers. Any question is welcome so be as serious… or ridiculous, as you would like.

We want to be as accessible as possible, so if you have a question follow the attached links and reach out to us on social media!

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My hope is that this becomes a regular series on BSI and we continue to engage with our readers in greater depth. So fire away, there are only 49 days until Opening Day!