Red Sox: Top 5 defensive web gem plays of 2016 season

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Benintendi’s robs a home run

22-year old rookie Andrew Benintendi got off to a hot start at the plate when he was called up in early August, but only a few weeks into his big league career he showed that he can be equally impressive with his glove.

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In the 8th inning of a tight game at Tropicana Field, Benintendi made a running catch that took him head first over the left field wall near the foul pole, robbing Rays outfielder Steven Souza of a two-run homer that would have cut Boston’s lead down to one.

If it weren’t for a table conveniently placed on the other side of the wall, Benintendi may have toppled head over heels to the other side of the fence. Not only did he make the catch, but with his left hand he managed to balance himself to pop back into the field of play to secure the out.

The Red Sox would go on to win the game 6-2, but the outcome may not have been in their favor if the Rays had managed to swing momentum their way with a home run. Thanks to Benintendi, that didn’t happen.