Boston Red Sox top 25-man roster in franchise history

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Cy Young

Career Stats: 511 W, 2.63 ERA, 3.43 K/9, 1.49 BB/9, 131.5 WAR
With Red Sox: 192 W, 2.00 ERA, 4.42 K/9, 0.99 BB/9, 54.8 WAR

To have the highest accolade in pitching performance named after you gives an inkling to just how good Young was. The record books are littered with Young’s achievements and a sizable portion of the statistics with the Red Sox.

Young was 34-years-old when he – along with many other National League stars – joined the fledgling American League. Young was viewed as a pitcher whose best days were behind him after having a disappointing 19-19 record for St. Louis in 1900, marking the first time Young failed to win 20 games in nine years. Little did anyone realize that a pitching second wind (or win) was about to take place.

Young proceeded to win the pitching Triple Crown in 1901 with his 33 wins being followed by another 32 in 1902. Young then “slipped” to 28 wins in the pennant winning 1903 season. He went 2-1 in the first World Series as Boston defeated Pittsburgh. That represented Young’s only Word Series appearance.

In 1904, Young accomplished another first with the American League’s first perfect game and one of three career no-hitters. He continued to pitch for Boston until age 42 when he was traded to Cleveland prior to the 1909 season despite going 21-11 in Boston for 1908. Young is tied with Roger Clemens as Boston’s career leader in pitching victories.

Young was noted for being a solid baseball citizen who took pride in his clean living and professional approach to the game and especially to umpires. But Young was not done with Boston, since he returned in 1911 to play for the Boston Rustlers (Braves) before retiring with a sore arm. Of note is that Young won 36 games in the last season (1892) that there was no pitching mound and the distance to home plate from the mound was 55 and ½ feet. When the mound was added and the distance expanded, Young did not miss a beat.

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