Red Sox: Top 10 Carl Yastrzemski moments

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Number Ten: 472 Foot Home Run

While he may not have looked like the power hitters of today, Carl Yastrzemski was one of the most dominant power hitters of his day. He recorded 452 home runs throughout his career, and sits at 37th on the all-time home run list. In six separate seasons, he recorded over 100 walks, and in 1968 led the league with 119, and finished with a career total of 1,845, sitting at six on the all-time walk list.

Number Nine: Triples Twice Against the Yankees

On April 19, 1967, the Boston Red Sox and Jim Lonborg squared off against the New York Yankees and Fred Talbot. The game would be one for the record books, as the two teams battled for 18 innings, before the Yankees beat the Red Sox 7-6.

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While the Red Sox would go on the lose the game, Yastrzemski did not take a play off. He recorded five hits in nine plate appearances, and did something that not many baseball players have ever done in the game’s history: hit two doubles and two triples in one game. He scored two runs, recorded an RBI and a walk.

Yaz would go on to finish the season with four triples, 31 doubles, and a league-leading 112 runs scored. It would be an MVP caliber season, to say the least.

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