Red Sox Predictions: David Murphy Will Make Opening Day Roster


Red Sox signed David Murphy to a minor league contract on February 29, 2016

Ok, so this is a pretty bold prediction seeing that the Boston Red Sox signed David Murphy to a contract just days ago and we have yet to see him play in a Spring Training game. Additionally, he only signed a minor league contract that supposedly has an opt-out clause during the last week of spring camp. However, if Murphy is consistent and proves that he can be a reliable fielder this spring, he does have a good chance of making the roster.

First of all, the Red Sox obviously believe that Murphy could bring something to table or else they would not have offered him this contract. Whether they see him as additional depth for the outfield or as a veteran mentor for the young players, there is a reason as to why he is now with the BoSox. If he exceeds the Sox’ expectations in terms of what he brings to the team this spring, they may reconsider his minor league status and stick him on the Opening Day roster.

Secondly, as fellow BoSox Injection staff writer Tyler Mason explains, there are still some big questions facing Boston’s 2016 outfield. Will Jackie Bradley Jr. find that offensive spark he has been desperately searching for the last couple of years? How successful will Rusney Castillo be in left field? Yes, the Red Sox have Chris Young as their fourth outfielder, but what if both Bradley and Castillo flop in 2016? Then Boston would need Murphy. Murphy would be that veteran fielder who could provide stability to any of the outfield positions.

Lastly, Castillo has not been great against right-handed pitchers in the past. If he continues to struggle offensively against righties, it could make sense to make him part of a platoon. Murphy would be a great option for a left field platoon. Murphy is a left-handed hitter who has a strong bat against right handed pitchers.

Additionally, of all of the Sox’ outfielders, Bradley, Castillo, Young and Mookie Betts are all right handed batters. As mentioned by Jen McCaffrey of, Boston does have Travis Shaw and Brock Holt as left-handed hitter options for the outfield. However, Holt will not always be available to play as an outfielder because of his utility role, which requires him to play numerous positions, and Shaw is a rookie who very rarely plays in the outfield.

Before the Murphy signing, it seemed as though Shaw would likely fill the last spot on Boston’s Opening Day roster. However, Shaw may start the 2016 season in Triple-A and Murphy in Fenway. If Murphy performs well during Spring Training this month, it would not be shocking to see him in the dugout in Boston on Opening Day.

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