Red Sox: Mookie Betts loses golf cart in lake


Boston Red Sox teammates Mookie Betts and Travis Shaw had their golf game washed out when their cart ended up in a lake.

Who says Spring Training is uneventful?

The Boston Red Sox haven’t officially started their spring activities yet, but outfielder Mookie Betts and infielder Travis Shaw have already created some newsworthy material. Unfortunately the excitement comes away from the baseball diamond.

The pair of teammates took advantage of some down time in Fort Myers to fit in a round of golf, but their afternoon didn’t exactly turn out as planned. Every amateur golfer has had days where they hit the ball in a spot that fails to meet dry land, but it’s not often that their golf cart ends up in the water.

Except that’s exactly what happened to the two young Red Sox players.

Shaw took the opportunity to give his teammate a hard time by posting the photographic evidence to his Twitter page, including a hashtag that sums up the incident pretty well.

How does that happen?

Betts showed he had a good sense of humor about it, posting the same picture with a caption joking that he’s not allowed to drive the cart anymore, but later clarified that he didn’t drive the cart into the lake, it rolled in on its own. Controversy avoided.

Can you imagine the headlines back in Boston if it was found that Betts actually did drive the cart into the lake? Scolding him for being irresponsible, immature and flat out foolish. Instead, let’s just chalk it up to an innocent accident. Luckily neither player was hurt, so no harm, no foul. Not sure we can say as much for the golf cart though.

Hopefully the only damage these two do once the season starts is to the ERAs of opposing pitchers. We know what these two are capable of with a bat in their hand and it’s a lot more than what they do with a club.

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Perhaps they are best served staying off the fairways and sticking to the ballpark.