Red Sox are clear winners in the Rick Porcello contract

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Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports /

Pre-Porcello Contract Summary.

As you can see, the starting pitcher market dictated the terms of Porcello’s deal.  Based on the six deals referenced above, there is no argument. The Red Sox got an enormous amount of value when signing him to a four year, $82 million dollar deal.  I mean, that is basically the deal the Angels signed Weaver and Wilson to FOUR YEARS EARLIER.  It is also $23 million less overall than the contract the Reds gave a middle rotation guy in the National League.

How did Porcello and his agent not use Bailey’s deal to get at least $105 million over five years, which is quite fair considering Porcello was younger, with more of a track record.  Not to mention, they had all the leverage considering the fact Boston would have a tough time selling the trade of Cespedes-for-Porcello if he was only with the team for one season.

In spite of the leverage, the SP market, past performance and the prime years of service Porcello was going to be providing, the Red Sox will only have to pay $82 million over four years?  An absolute steal.

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