Boston Red Sox wishes: Players who should have called Fenway home

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Harmon Killebrew
Fenway Park Stats: 135 G, 582 PA, .316/.419/.619, 37 HR, 107 RBI

A member of the Hall of Fame and a lifetime .256 hitter who had a career .316 at Fenway Park. A pure pull hitter who would hit home runs in bunches and it seemed Fenway often became the special parking place for Killebrew, who hit his most road home runs at Fenway Park.

Of all the hitters I have ever wanted to be at Fenway the “Killer” is on the top of the list. I use to love to see the Twins come into town with that loaded lineup and Harmon was the centerpiece. Batting practice was as enjoyable as the game and Killebrew would not disappoint with a series of towering home runs well over the screen in LF.

Harmon actually made his MLB début as a 17-year-old and bounced between the minors and Washington for the next four years before establishing himself as a regular and leading the AL in home runs and making the All-Star team as a third baseman. Killebrew also became an MVP in 1969 with the Twins.

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Killebrew played 22 seasons and hit 573 home runs. That home run total might have been considerably higher if he had played at Fenway Park. So put “The Killer” on the very pinnacle of my Fenway Park wish list. That swing and the ability to loft the ball – Fenway Perfect!
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