Boston Red Sox wishes: Players who should have called Fenway home

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Number Five

Frank Howard
Fenway Park Stats: 73 G, 301 PA, .291/.365/.549, 18 HR, 45 RBI

There are players who are large and then there is the listed 6’7” and 255 pound Howard. This was one fearsome dude with a bat in his hand. Some monstrous home runs are noted on parks that have now all vanish except for Fenway and Wrigley. The light tower that connects to the bleacher area of Fenway? I saw Howard hit one about thirty feet up into that structure.

Howard twice led the AL in home runs, was a Rookie of the Year with the Dodgers and made the All-Star team several times. At Fenway Mr. Howard would have been impressive to both watch and tally the results.

Number Four

Rocky Colavito
Fenway Park Stats: 111 G, 459 PA, .309/.405/.556, 26 HR, 68 RBI

Pure pull hitter who would put on a show in batting practice and then carry it over to the game. Once led the AL in home runs and was then traded for the AL batting champion Harvey Kuenn. Three times hit 40+ home runs and became a multiple All-Star.

Colavito possessed one of – if not – the strongest and most accurate arm in baseball from his normal right field position. Actually pitched 5.2 innings in his career. Colavito’s best years were over by the time he was age 32, but in his best days with the Indians, he just feasted at Fenway.

Number Three

Gus Zernial
Fenway Park Stats: 98 G, 390 PA, .277/.321/.564, 28 HR, 73 RBI

Another first baseman who was big, strong and would just consider Red Sox pitching like a pack of ravenous seagulls would view a landfill. Nicknamed “Ozark Ike” big Gus would carry over his batting practice show to the game. This was one very strong humanoid. Once led AL in home runs.

Number Two

Roy Sievers
Fenway Park Stats: 110 G, 487 PA, .327/.417/.589, 25 HR, 87 RBI

I have no idea why the Red Sox never traded to get Sievers? If there was a way to torture a Red Sox staff it was Sievers up with runners on. A former Rookie of the Year when he broke in with the St. Louis Browns. Once led the AL in home runs. A multiple All-Star.

Sievers had tremendous power to left-center and that appeared to be his primary target area at Fenway. Underrated defender.