Red Sox debate: Roger Clemens belongs in Hall of Fame

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Despite having his reputation tainted by steroid allegations, former Boston Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens and other suspected PED users belong in the Hall of Fame.

Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been one week since the deadline for when Hall of Fame ballots must be postmarked by, so all votes should now be in. In the interest of full disclosure, this writer did not cast an official ballot, but if I did then you can bet that Roger Clemens would have had a check next to his name.

That statement is sure to be wildly unpopular in many circles given that Clemens has seen his reputation tainted by allegations of performance-enhancing drugs, a black mark on an otherwise epic career that may keep one of the greatest pitchers that ever lived out of Cooperstown.

It shouldn’t.

To be clear, this argument isn’t about exonerating Clemens of the guilt of his alleged transgressions. While there is no actual proof that Clemens used steroids or human growth hormone, there is enough evidence to condemn him in the court of public opinion even after an actual court of law acquitted him of all charges that he obstructed or lied to Congress in denying his use of performance-enhancing drugs. It’s possible to both believe that Clemens cheated to prolong his career and still find him worthy of being in the Hall of Fame.

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