Boston Red Sox: Potential prospect help for 2016

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Oct 1, 2015; Bronx, NY, USA; Boston Red Sox second baseman Deven Marrero (16) slides past New York Yankees catcher John Ryan Murphy (66) to score during the fifth inning at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Deven Marrero certainly has one part of the baseball equation – the glove – firmly under control. Marrero will be in competition with Hernandez and Rutledge for any openings of the infield variety that may surface during 2016. Where the issue with Marrero rests is another part of the equation – the bat.

A former first round selection that has been “held back” by the stick. At Pawtucket Marrero slashed .256/.316/.344 in 375 at bats and the real negative was 87 strike outs. The strike out syndrome followed Marrero to Boston, where a 33.9% whiff percentage accumulated in 53 at bats.

Marrero is a smart player and intelligence in baseball is at a premium. Marrero knows his limitations and will do exactly what he did at Pawtucket and move runners along. Situational baseball and being able to execute it is a plus to a player with limited offensive skills.

In Boston Marrero moved around the infield and I remember several plays that were of exceptional quality. Don’t expect Marrero to be a flashy player as you will get acrobatics that will make you baseball heart flutter. What Marrero does have is above average range, great instincts, a plus arm, and good footwork.

Marrero also is a player with value for a team that thinks defense first. Pitchers love a Marrero since he covers their mistakes with some quality defensive play, so if a body is needed in Boston that rings out “defense first” expect Marrero to get the call. Likewise, if another team needs a good glove man this is your guy, but just think Marco Scutaro – early on he couldn’t hit, either, and ended up an All-Star.