Red Sox not concerned with David Price’s postseason record

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Worth the Price

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Let’s face it, the Red Sox were desperate for an ace and Dombrowski was hellbent at getting one at any cost. Price was the best starting pitcher on the market, with Zack Greinke being the only other ace in his class. The difference is that Price is AL East tested and won’t cost the Red Sox a draft pick to sign him.

Price has been one of the game’s most dominant pitchers over the last several years and he’s a perfect fit for the Red Sox. Just take a look at how he’s done in his career pitching in each of the ballparks that are home to teams in this division.

Fenway Park – 1.95 ERA
Yankee Stadium – 3.27 ERA
Camden Yards – 3.24 ERA
Rogers Centre – 3.34 ERA
Tropicana Field – 2.89 ERA

He spent the first six and a half years pitching in this division for the Rays, as well as the most recent half season after he was traded to Toronto last summer. We know he can handle pitching in one of the game’s most difficult divisions and should remain among the elite.

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The Red Sox have missed the postseason in five of the last six years. Price can help this team get back to the playoffs, so we can worry about how he performs in October once we actually get there.