Boston Red Sox potential pitching FA bargains

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May 16, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Cleveland Indians relief pitcher Scott Atchison (48) pitches during the game against the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington. The Indians defeated the Rangers 10-8. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox may have a payroll that is at $180 Million and climbing further into the monetary stratosphere, but that does not mean they don’t appreciate a potential bargain. With free agency in full bloom, there are many roses and rare orchids available for the right price. And, speaking of price that would mean a David Price as the prototype of the current class that has placed their skills on the auction block.

Fans love to fantasize about being a GM and wheeling and dealing with outrageous trades and collecting players of note who may or may not help a team move forward. Heck – sign Price, Zack Greinke, Alex Gordon and just about any high profile available. Then trade for a Chris Sale or a Sonny Gray. Left to our own devices, the team would probably be at a hearing at 5 Post Office Square – home of the Boston Bankruptcy Court.

The Red Sox will go bargain hunting. Sometimes a bargain is an Adrian Beltre – a reasonable performer coming off a sour season who wishes to reestablish himself. In Beltre’s case he certainly did. But my concentration is not on the stars or the potential stars, but the less than shining lights. The possibility of finding a Jonny Gomes.

The Red Sox try this with pitching as does every team. The list of players that are brought in on a whim, a free agent risk, a player with a signing that elicits a yawn from fans, a “didn’t you use to be somebody?” and just someone hoping and praying to any baseball deity for another year or two. Find enough bodies and hope one surfaces to provide some quality depth. Not a Joakim Soria or a Darren O’Day, but a Scott Atchison or even a Koji Uehara and they are out there. Of course, the downside is you may get Vicente Padilla or Bobby Jenks.

So just who is on the list of the baseball job lot discount store? Pitchers with varying degrees of success and failure who just may be worth more than a casual glance? Those wishing for that one year trial in hopes of a far larger reward. The one-year option to reestablish your credentials or with some intrinsic value that is under the radar.