Red Sox Top 6 Free Agent Pitcher Targets In 2015

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The Boston Red Sox starting rotation took a lot of flack before the 2015 season even began, and continue to take it as we get closer to the end of the year. Rob Bradford of mentioned six pitchers in his article who could be top free agent targets for 2016. He made an argument to justify how their signings should still not stop the Red Sox from picking up the team option on their current ace Clay Buchholz, which was reviewed in yesterday’s ‘Chowda’.

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Let’s take for granted that the Red Sox make enough moves to feel comfortable with Buchholz’s option and look at the six proposed candidates to be added to the roster.

Each of these players are starting pitchers for their respective clubs, whom at one point or another were invovled in trade rumors before this year’s trade deadline. Three of them were traded this year. Two of them were traded last year, as well. Five of them spent the majority of their playing days in the National League. One has a great deal of experience with the American League East division, and is still currently there.

Who will be the best fit in Boston? If you were the president of baseball operations, like Dave Dombrowski, who would you choose to sign?

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