Meet the new Red Sox boss – same as the old boss?


Do you believe in conspiracies? Are aliens locked in a vault somewhere in area 51? Is Elvis, now 80-years-old, working at a KFC? Was the moon landing orchestrated by Disney? Is JFK still giving advice from some underground bunker? The Red Sox certainly are not immune to the endless possibilities.

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Is the current shift in the Red Sox organizational chart a well-orchestrated internal plot devised by a Machiavellian owner?

Is there such a thing as coincidences? Was it just a mere coincidence that Larry Lucchino retires, Dave Dombrowski (a Mr. Rogers look-alike) resigns and then surfaces in Boston after being sought after like a prized heifer by several organizations? The Dombo pronouncement on why Boston certainly teared me up. Such pathos. If this was Broadway a slam dunk Tony Award.

Managers are hired to be fired has been a long used term in baseball as even the very best get canned unless, like Connie Mack, they own the team. GM’s are also hired to be fired, ask Dan Duquette, except the shelf life is considerably longer than say a Ben Cherington. Four and out with one title.

Coincidences or was it conspiracy brought Cherington into the hot seat in Boston? The behind the scenes machinations of the various palace coups have long been fodder for local media. At least Ben goes out with no Gorilla suit. With power comes vulnerability. And Ben’s collection of mis-steps would certainly have him long gone in episode one of “Dancing With The Stars.” No Gene Kelly singing in the rain.

Moved into the top perch in 2011 and exit, stage door left, in 2015 is a shorter reign than Boy King Tutankhamun. Of course King Tut only had to deal with famine, pestilence, war, plots and, no doubt, a harem. A simple task when compared to operating in the domain of Red Sox Nation. We are a fickle lot in Boston and the what have you done lately mantra is part of our DNA. Lately can be defined as a day or even a longer span such as a week. Ben was existing this summer with the same life expectancy of a fruit fly.

The word on the street is Dombo was “Too good to pass up.” Right. I see one WS title in 27 years and that is with some rather decent organizations – most notably Detroit. Money, talent and a big zero in the ultimate win column. What Dombo does have on his résumé is a BFF – Henry! They are supposed to be tighter than the Gordian Knot.

Now what Dombo also appears to have a certain mastery for is to disassemble things – like a franchise. Miami is one example and the blow-up or the Tigers this season is another. Dombowski has now walked into another dismantling and this one in a beaut. And the good news is he can also attempt to rebuilt this very expensive Yawkey Way Lego set into a viable team.

The garbage that exists at 4 Yawkey Way would challenge a fleet of Waste Management trucks. Face it – the Red Sox are the Chernobyl of baseball with a 200M payroll and moves that have certainly been prima facia in Ben become part of the U-3 in unemployment figures. This place is a mess. How bad is it? The Red Sox are advertising $9 tickets for the remainder of the wake- I mean the 2015 season.

So what will the new administration look like?

Dombowski has money to play with since this is Boston. There is payroll coming off the books and I see a pile of dead money in the future once Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez are sent packing. With an ace conscious Detroit operation under Dombo expect an ace to arrive in Boston. Free agents are lining up with lust for Boston green.

Don’t get attached to prospects as a few will be gone. Poof! Part of packages to dump Ben’s litany of mistakes or to acquire new and (hopefully) more productive talent.

Now Cherington will remain as part of the transition team and his main function will be to get the orders straight. Hey, Ben, I’ll take my coffee black with two Sweet and Lows. That will be the extent of Ben’s input as he will have about as much input as a house plant in Henry’s office. At least, Ben, it’s a very large check.

With one (O-N-E) title in 27 years, so just maybe Dombo’s due?

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