Red Sox Keeping Xander Bogaerts, Pablo Sandoval, Or Both?

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Aug 9, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Henry Owens (60) pitches in the second inning against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

4) Do Nothing!

Cafardo said it is likely the only realistic option: “Sell fans on the exciting kids from the farm system. Put your faith in Henry Owens and Brian Johnson, and hope Rick Porcello rebounds and that Buchholz doesn’t go on the disabled list for a seventh straight year. Sell it as transition time.”

With Owens and Johnson, it’s way too early to tell if that is going to work. We shall, therefore, avoid that particular debate and look at the Porcello point.

Porcello signed with the Red Sox for four years and $82.5 million on top of the $12.5 million he’s making for this season. The seven-year veteran is 26 years old, giving some youth to the rotation; he’s also given a 5-11 record and 20 home runs to opposing batters that contributed to his 5.81 ERA in 20 games. His time on the disabled list for his triceps isn’t helping the mood, either. is reporting that Porcello “could be ready to being a rehab assignment by the end of the week.” Then, he will have the chance to show the Red Sox and their fans why he was worth the money they are going to pay for him. His success, or complete failure, will determine how reliable doing nothing to the rotation will be.

Doing nothing relies a great deal on the futures of two prospects, the third prospect-turned-starter Eduardo Rodriguez, a veteran having a brutal 2015 campaign, and Buchholz’s health. Don’t forget Wade Miley, by the way. Anyone else really scared about this last Cafardo suggestion? Judging by the cynicism in his tone, Cafardo seems scared too.

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