Who’s on first for the Red Sox?

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Who’s on first? The great baseball themed routine by Abbott and Costello that has been enjoyed by generations of a predominately male audience, much like The Three Stooges. For Boston no one is on first. Or are they?

To this observer Mike Napoli was due for a spectacular season of baseball redemption. An off-season operation, a spring training that was a power display and pending free agency for the perfect baseball storm.

Napoli has now been shuffled off to a previous area of employment – The Texas Rangers – who still have some Wild Card hope and could certainly have room for some experienced punch. A punch that in three seasons produced a slash line of .242/.350/.436 with 53 home runs and 187 RBI. Toss in a respectable glove and Napoli certainly had his moments in Boston – ask Detroit about that playoff home run.

So who’s on first for 2015 and 2016? Let the speculation begin!