Red Sox prospect watch: Who is hot and not

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Yoan Moncada – Hot!

Moncada, the Red Sox second ranked prospect, is slashing .242/.324/.344 for 35 games and 128 at bats as the sample size of this very pricy Cuban signing continues to grow. The K% stands at a disappointing 26% and the ISO is .102. Within the numbers are a July trend that may show Moncada is adjusting rather well.

July has Moncada playing in five games and a slash is .316/.391/.474, thanks in very large part to decreasing the K% down to a more reasonable 16.7%. ISO has also bumped up to .158 and Moncada continues to display his speed with 10 steals for the season without being nabbed.

Moncada, now 20-years-old, plays at Fluor Field, a dimensional replica of Fenway Park, and has developed a fondness for this faux Fenway with a home average of .306 versus a road average of .161.

The muscular switch hitter is now positioned at second base, but scouting reports focus on his exceptional athletic ability and that opens up a world of defensive options – just think Betts.